caring and understanding

Nitrification, of which the first step is ammonia oxidation, can have a significant role in supplying nitrate (NO3 for primary production and may be a source of N2O to the atmosphere (Yool et al., 2007; Clark et al., 2008; Santoro et al., 2011; Beman et al., 2012). There has been a widespread effort to determine the distribution of AOA in nearly all major oceanic regions (Lam et al., 2007; 2009; Beman et al., 2008; Church et al., 2010; Santoro et al., 2010; Christman et al., 2011; Alonso S et al., 2012; Baker et al., 2012; Sintes et al., 2013). Substantial evidence now exists that AOA have a primary role in determining the distribution and magnitude of nitrification in the sea (Mincer et al., 2007; Beman et al., 2008; Church et al., 2010; Hollibaugh et al., 2010; Newell et al., 2011; Santoro et al., 2013).

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