Traveling asphalt crew in Outagamie County

MADISON, Wis. DATCP Consumer Protection Hotline received a call on Friday, November 11 about a possible door to door asphalt scam in the Black Creek / Seymour area.

The caller reporter that her mother paid $5,000 for services from these transient workers. She also stated that she knew of two other consumers who were affected by the scam.

The DATCP warns that these workers often show up unannounced and claim to have leftover product form a prior job. They offer to sealcoat or blacktop a driveway at a cheap price, collect payment, and begin work.

However, reports say the job is quickly and poorly done. The DATCP says the consumer ends up being overcharged for the quality of the product.

The DATCP says, “In some cases only a base coat is applied and the promised top coat is skipped despite the cheap jerseys consumer being charged for it.”

Since these crews are always on the go, it is not believed that they will remain in any particular area for a long period of time.

If you are contacted at your doorstep about asphalt paving and/or sealing services, the DATCP advises you to turn the workers away and contact local law enforcement.

If you have been victimized by one of these transient teams, contact local law enforcement and report the crime to DATCP by filing a complaint on the DATCP website or by contacting the Consumer Protection Hotline at 800 422 7128.