Resident Ethan

Travelers welcome cheap gas near Christmas

Resident Ethan Olsen added: “It’s really enjoyable actually. The lower they go, the better. I’m all for it.”

Mr. Olsen echoes the sentiment of a nation whose national average price for a gallon of regular unleaded is 12 cents less cheap jerseys than a week ago, 36 cents less than a month ago and 69 cents less than a year ago and even better in the Show Me State, which has the lowest prices in the entire country.

AAA predicts the highest travel volume for the holiday period on record, which has only been kept since 2001. On that list of holiday travelers is Chad Vann, who says he’ll travel more thanks to low prices at the pump.

“Yeah, we’ll travel to Lake of the Ozarks for a week,” Mr. Vann said. “We usually travel every year, but we’re going to take another couple of days and do some extra traveling that we probably wouldn’t have done at $4 a gallon or whatever it was.”

AAA lists the reason for Missouri’s luck in low prices as three fold: first, low fuel taxes at just 17.3 cents per gallon, but with no added sales tax.