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Our regular contributor Jimi Izrael is getting his shapeup elsewhere this week. I don’t know what’s going on with that. So, Ruben will keep order in the shop. UCL = p + 3square root of p(1 p)/n. The lower control limit formula is LCL = p 3square root of p(1 p)/n. These formulas are used to address part one of the electronic circuit company problem.Part 1With a sample size of 100 and an average of 10 defective parts per million, p=.001%, and n=100 the formula for the upper control limit would look like this:UCL = .001 + 3square root of .001(1 .001)100 The upper control limit (UCL) therefore equals .0105%.

Even more shocking is that the Seminoles did it after getting absolutely crushed the first 27 minutes of the game.But thanks to a third quarter in which Florida State outgained the Rebels 214 to minus 7 and forced two turnovers deep in Ole Miss territory, the Seminoles took a 29 28 lead with 9:17 left in the third quarter after trailing 28 6 just before halftime.Trying to extend a play while defensive end Demarcus Walker was bearing down on him, Kelly instead coughed it up with several garnet jerseys around him, handing the Seminoles possession at the 11 yard line. Florida State had already drawn within 28 23 at that point,and the Seminoles punched it in three plays later to finally take the lead.BREAKOUT PLAYER: The big question mark for Florida State was how redshirt freshman quarterback Deondre Francois would respond when the lights came on, particularly against a quality opponent like Ole Miss with plenty of speed and future NFL talent on defense. After some shaky moments early, some of which were caused by protection problems, Francois showed why the Seminoles coaches have been so high on him.His touchdown to end the first half a 16 yard laser to Travis Rudolph required him to stand in there and take a heavy hit from defensive end Marquis Haynes that left him staggered after the play.

BROWNING: But the craze over rugby isn’t only in St. Denis. Across town, the high toned ethnographic Quai Branly Museum has given over the entire month to the culture of rugby and brought in New Zealand artist Greg Semu. A law was passed in 1949 stating only those who were properly trained to pump gas were allowed to do so. You certainly wouldn’t hate this perk if you lived here. That’s almost a guarantee..