March 2021

Luxury apartments Eixample Barcelona
Aerial view of the Eixample neighbourhood


By Bárbara Rivera

After a very complicated 2020, with all its various restrictions, we are now making an extra effort to engage with our clients, family, friends and colleagues in a different way. By using more technology, yes, but also by creating more human, personal, and empathetic connections.

With this new style of newsletter, our aim is to interact with you and get to know you better. We want to write about inspiring topics related to the Barcelona we love. To do that, we’ll interview renowned experts in interior design, architecture and related fields; update you about the new hot-spots in the city; and let you know about our new developments.

In general, we will share everything related to Barcelona’s fantastic Mediterranean lifestyle!


Luxury apartments Eixample Barcelona

Ginés Gorriz – CEO MINIM

In this first edition we get to meet MINIM’s CEO, Ginés Gorriz, who has been inspiring us for almost 20 years with exclusive brands such as Cassina, Fritz Hansen, House of Finn Juhl and De la Espada.

Founded in 2002, MINIM Barcelona is a unique space in the city dedicated to contemporary design, with a fabulous showroom located at Via Augusta 185.

Tell us about yourself:

I was born in Cuba, studied industrial engineering in Moscow, and arrived to a pre-Olympics Barcelona with five hundred dollars in my pocket! I worked at the UPC (Polytechnic University of Barcelona) as a teacher and designer of electronic circuits. I’m a father of two artists: the oldest is a filmmaker and the youngest a music producer. I had a psychiatrist grandfather and a spy father; and I have a psychologist mother and a 106-year-old grandmother!

What inspired you to create a wonderful space like MINIM?

We wanted to bring Italian design to Barcelona in an uncomplicated and fresh way, without the fear of colour, and create a benchmark space with the best team and our own selection of contemporary design elements.

What is your personal style?

I like spaces with their own personality more than anonymous boxes. I like spaces with height: homes should be sold by the cubic metre and not by the square metre! The ideal is to complement strong architecture with furniture that will contrast and enhance it. Then there are the more personal elements such as books, paintings, etc., that will spice up your home.

Luxury apartments Eixample Barcelona
Private residence in Casa Burés, fully-furnished by MINIM


A unique piece we can find in your home.

The chaise longue designed by Le Corbusier for Cassina. It is a sitting machine with many possibilities!

Your most challenging project.

One of the most interesting has been Casa Burés. For the challenge of equipping the kitchens and furnishing a modernist jewel with such value and doing it in such a way that contemporary elements help enhance the richness of the original architecture.

New trends in interior design for 2022

I don’t believe in interior design trends for a specific year. Homes can and should be created to withstand the passage of time.

A restaurant in Barcelona

Dos Palillos by Albert Raurich (Carrer d’Elisabets, 9)

A book.

“Auto de fe” by Elias Canetti.

A city.


2020 has been a complicated year. What positive impact has it had on you?

It has been a bad time for everyone – many people have died or been ill; companies and jobs will be affected. However, I have had more time for my private life and to think about the things that really matter.

Photography by José Hevia and Kaspars Upmanis.

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