Apartments for sale in Poblenou Barcelona, Can Ricart Lofts

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LOFTS for sale in poblenou, FULL OF CHARACTER

The new apartments for sale in Poblenou Barcelona, Can Ricart Lofts, breathes new life into four listed, emblematic warehouses from Barcelona’s 19th-century industrial past, transforming them into 25 stunningly beautiful, exquisitely designed and equipped lofts, each with its own unique character.

luxury properties

lofts for sale in barcelona in a historic building of poblenou

Can Ricart Lofts is a unique investment opportunity in newly built homes, within a comprehensive building renovation project that housed the Can Ricart textile factory and retains elements such as its chimney and pre-1930s warehouses.


can ricart lofts: buy a exclusive loft in poblenou, 22@

Poblenou & 22@ district: past and future

Barcelona’s dynamic 22@ innovation district is a magnet for major tech companies and startups, their talented workforces and digital nomads.

This trendy neighbourhood features a fascinating mix of high-tech companies, universities, student residences, hotels, parks and a wide range of leisure and cultural activities. Mar Bella beach is only a 15-minute stroll away.

Poblenou is the perfect place to work, live and experience the city’s vibrant energy.



Can Ricart Lofts, adjacent to Parc Central del Poblenou, truly embodies the smart city spirit: spacious, sustainable, creative environments where it’s possible to connect with neighbourhood life.

An oasis of tranquillity on four pedestrian blocks, where residents enjoy wide open spaces with a mix of restored historic buildings and spectacular contemporary design developments.


Warehouse A Lofts

Prices from 820.000 € + VAT

Property Built Area Terrace Bedrooms Bathrooms Status Floor plans
A01 101 m2 17 m2 2 2 Reserved
A02 188 m2 17 m2 2 4 Available Download
A03 109 m2 2 2 Available Download
A04 124 m2 3 3 Reserved
A05 125 m2 3 3 Reserved
A06 109 m2 2 2 Available Download
A07 76 m2 34 m2 2 2 Reserved
A08 164 m2 48 m2 2 4 Available Download
A09 97 m2 38 m2 2 2 Reserved
A10 130 m2 49 m2 2 3 Reserved
A11 130 m2 47 m2 2 4 Reserved
A12 107 m2 38 m2 2 2 Reserved
* +IVA (10%)

Warehouse B Lofts

Prices from 850.000 € + VAT

Property Built Area Terrace Bedrooms Bathrooms Status Floor plans
B1 98 m2 24 m2 2 2 Available Download
B2 88 m2 23 m2 2 2 Available Download
B3 115 m2 31 m2 3 2 Reserved
B4 89 m2 23 m2 2 2 Reserved
B5 83 m2 23 m2 2 2 Available Download
* +IVA (10%)

Warehouse C Lofts

Prices from 825.000 € + VAT

Property Built Area Terrace Bedrooms Bathrooms Status Floor plans
C1 117 m2 1 2 Reserved
C2 87 m2 51 m2 1 2 Reserved
C3 137 m2 31 m2 1 3 Reserved
C4 142 m2 35 m2 1 3 Available Download
* +IVA (10%)

Warehouse D Lofts

Prices from 520.000 € + VAT

Property Built Area Terrace Bedrooms Bathrooms Status Floor plans
D1 62 m2 1 1 Reserved
D2 63 m2 1 1 Reserved
D3 104 m2 23 m2 2 2 Reserved
D4 59 m2 1 1 Reserved
* +IVA (10%)


Lofts for sale in Poblenou with spaces created for living

The historical continuity of the project combines the use of original materials such as the ‘mahón’ brick walls, the trusses and exposed metal structures with the most emblematic aspects of New York-style lofts: open spaces, high ceilings with arches, and large windows with an unmistakable industrial spirit.

Picking up the baton of responsibility for such an emblematic building as Can Ricart was both a challenge and an enormous privilege. With the utmost respect for its legacy, the original elements have been restored or replicated, and complemented with the most contemporary architectural solutions and the most select qualities, creating an exceptional home that has, of course, the corresponding certificate of occupancy.

Read the interview with the architect Daniel Mòdol to know more about the lofts for sale in Poblenou or request more information.

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What are the benefits of buying an apartment in Poblenou, Barcelona?

El Poblenou is a center of culture, business, and contemporary art. It is one of the most thriving areas in the city, with a wide offer of services and companies in the tech industry sector.

Why choose Can Ricart Lofts for a living?

Can Ricart Lofts has open and diaphanous spaces that adapt to the needs of each person, excellent connectivity with all the services, and it is a great chance top acquire a home on a heritage building, that used to belong to the Can Ricart factory, but with totally renewed with modern finishes. 

What new build developments properties does Bonavista Developments develop?

Bonavista Developments develops new or fully renovated residential projects, with an exclusive offer of industrial lofts in Barcelona, apartments, and duplexes with spacious and contemporary designs. Some of our properties have private parking, terrace, gardens or pool, and are located in the best locations in Barcelona, such as Eixample or Sarria – Sant Gervasi.

Can Ricart Lofts


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