Bonavista Beach

Surround yourself with beauty at Bonavista Beach. In this exclusive and privileged setting, drenched with light and the ever-changing hues of sky and sea, your home becomes a meeting place for all the best things in life.


Between the beach and the pines

Bonavista Beach is in Gavà Mar, a beautiful natural area nestling on the spectacular, uninterrupted 15-kilometre sandy beach that stretches along this coastline. The beach is backed by dunes and a fragrant pine forest, enveloping you in the sights and scents of nature.

With the idyllic weather providing more than 3,500 hours of sunshine each year, it’s the perfect place for you and those you love to enjoy the relaxation, refreshment and exhilaration of being in touch with nature.




You hold the horizon in your hand

A golden opportunity is on your horizon. Don’t let it slip through your fingers.

Bonavista Beach is a truly unique and rare residential project – quite possibly the last opportunity of its kind on the Barcelona coast.

A group of stunning designer homes that match the incredible beauty of their surroundings located right on the beachfront, yet still just minutes away from Barcelona and El Prat International Airport.

When you visit Bonavista Beach, you’ll find yourself in a secluded enclave of 12 exclusive detached and semi-detached houses, each offering between 300 to 500 square metres of beautiful living space.


Open-door architecture

At Bonavista Beach, you’ll have the amazing feeling of living in a home that blends effortlessly into the surrounding landscape.

Here, there is no boundary between the exterior beauty of the setting and the interior beauty of your home. The architectural design of each home is fluid and modular, breaking down the distinction between indoor and outdoor.

These are homes that are part of their surroundings and where it’s easy to decide just how open or closed you want yours to be.

Functional folding doors help create stunning open spaces with no transition to the outdoors.

The wooden shutters on one side of the ground floor can be opened, the kitchen can be completely opened up, and half of the top floor is a large terrace.



Living on the seafront, in open and integrated apartments.

A spectacular setting without giving up your privacy.

Property Plot Built Area Usable Bedrooms Bathrooms Status Floor plans
Casa 1 1500 m2 555 m2 415 m2 4 5 Sold
Casa 2 1755 m2 640 m2 515 m2 4 5 Sold
Casa 3 1078 m2 575 m2 450 m2 4 5 Sold
Casa 4 509 m2 351 m2 285 m2 4 5 Sold
Casa 5 489 m2 346 m2 279 m2 4 5 Sold
Casa 6 488 m2 346 m2 279 m2 4 5 Sold
Casa 7 486 m2 346 m2 279 m2 4 5 Sold
Casa 8 493 m2 321 m2 256 m2 4 5 Sold
Casa 9 557 m2 346 m2 262 m2 4 5 Sold
Casa 10 911 m2 486 m2 387 m2 4 5 Sold
Casa 11 1317 m2 551 m2 429 m2 4 5 Sold
* +IVA (10%)

Bonavista Beach


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